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I printed all the components in blue, grey and black PLA filament and it held up surprisingly well! I would like to use nylon subsequent time for extended term toughness, but the efficiency was nevertheless smashing! I 3D printed nearly all components on the CR-10S which did a great job as always. For the assembly you are necessary 80 screws and 80 washers, I went with 2.5mm 12mm length screws with some M4 washers (4mm inner and 12mm outer) and that worked perfectly! All the components popped in spot, only minor sanding necessary, and the exoskeleton turned out looking madness! 3DPrintIt came up with a great design and style and it even held up to some quite extreme abuse. Smashing soda cans and even the 3D printed Terminator head, I only received scratches at the finish of it.

THe CR-ten 3D printer is $370 correct now:

Exoskeleton STL files:
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