Get the real experience of HD 3D programming at your residence with DIRECTV, the #1 satellite Tv provider in America. Watching DIRECTV’s HD 3D is just like viewing your favorite film on the giant screen of a multiplex. The pictures on your screen are subsequent to being real. One particular issue is for sure that you will not get such spectacular experience with any other service provider other than DIRECTV.

Did you know that DIRECTV satellite Television leads the 3D Television revolution? They are the very first Tv provider to launch dedicated 3D channels.

The contents of 3D have been recently launched by DIRECTV. In fact, you will get a whole planet of entertainment along with a host of channels integrated in DIRECTV packages that give you the greatest of entertainment round the clock. Apart from these you can also watch your favorite films lined up for the month.

DIRECTV Cinema: With DIRECTV Cinema you can watch the most movie titles and Hollywood blockbusters. In addition to these you can also watch documentaries in 3D. All you need to have to do is to tune into Channels 104 and 105. Also note that in case of some titles, your DVR wants to be connected to the world wide web.

n 3D DIRECTV: This is however yet another addition to the 3D pack. You will be glad to know that DIRECTV has collaborated with some of the major studios and networks so that they can give you with the most current and updated HD 3D content. This brand new channel is striving earnestly to provide you the greatest of programming available from music, sports, arts, nature, 3D sports and a lot more. Tune into channel 103 to know much more about this.

ESPN 3D: With much more than 85 reside sporting events what a lot more can you anticipate from this entirely new channel? Refresh your memories with the games of the final Globe Cup along with the finals. For a lot more information you can tune into Channel 106.

Catch the greatest of sporting activities correct from the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Rest assured that watching sports in 3D will be far more fascinating and entertaining than watching it on HD.

Motion pictures: Now you can get the expertise of watching motion pictures in theatre with DIRECTV’s HD 3D. Also watch a series of musical events and watch your screen come live with the performers on stage. Certainly you would not like to miss this experience. What is more? The HD 3D channels are continually getting added to the list.

So are you interested in taking up HD 3D Television? You will love to know that DIRECTV has jointly started assignments with Panasonic, a worldwide brand popular for its electronic devices. Get the ultimate HD 3D expertise with the following Panasonic HD 3D TVs:-

* Panasonic: TC-P54VT25

* Panasonic: TC-P58VT25

* Panasonic: TC-P65VT25

This November, check out ESPN College Football on ESPN 3D, channel 106. Also, do not miss the premiere of Guitar Center Sessions: Buddy Guy. Watch the concert and exclusive interview on channel 103.

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