Feng Shui for the Conference Space


Items can come about quickly in meetings, or they can drone on for hours will tiny progress or inspiration. If you want to use each and every trick available to get ahead, make sure you get a spot at the table that has no adverse or stagnant chi.

Where to sit in a conference room

1) Sit exactly where you can see the door. It also assists if you can sit a bit away from the door. Sitting exactly where you can see the door tends to make people really feel far more comfortable, and feng shui is all about feeling at ease.

2) Never sit with a sharp corner pointing at you, whether or not its a desk or the corner of a wall. Sharp corners give off cutting chi and literally put you in a bad space. Your capability to think clearly, and to just believe, will be compromised. This applies to all corners in workplace spaces – increase your office feng shui by avoiding cutting chi.

3) Never bring clutter with you. Take only as considerably to the meeting as you totally require. Sitting down with messy stacks of files will block and stall the chi about you. Incidentally, it will also make you look a bit out of control to your co-workers.

4) If you want to be in a position of leadership, sit in the northwest corner of the area facing south-east. This is a excellent spot for organization and arranging ahead, also. You will command a lot more authority, respect and responsibility by sitting in the northwest corner. In feng shui, the northwest is characterized by the father or oldest man, so you are going to benefit from all these standard stereotypes just by sitting in his spot. This seating position is escpecially powerful in the late evening or at dusk.

5) If you want to enhance communication, sit in the south-east corner facing north-west. If you sit right here in the mid morning in mid-summer season, you will be particularly very good at obtaining your ideas across. IF you seek harmonious progress and lengthy-term relationships the south-east corner is a good option, too.

6) If you want to get individuals excited and motivated about some thing, sit south facing north. You will be in the 5 element Fire spot, characterized by the middle daughter and passion, excitement and heat. The most powerful time of day to sit in the south is at noon or midday.

7) If your enthusiasm wants a boost, sit in the north-east corner facing south-west. This is improves motivation as properly as practicality and caution. It can also assist if your pie-in-the-sky grand views need to be brought back down to earth (northeast is the soil direction in the Five Elements). You can develop deeper relationships from this spot as properly.

8) Sitting south-west facing north-east is a excellent spot for resolving conflicts. It is also motivating and supports challenging function. If you require a new path on a operate project, sit right here throughout the meeting.

9) If you want to be on the quiet and still side, sit on the north side of the conference table.

10) If you have a decision, sit in sunlight rather than under flourescent lighting. Organic sunlight has lots of flowing chi energy. It also reduces eye-strain and has been shown to keep men and women a lot more alert and constructive. Of course, do not sit under a blaze of southern sun – unless wearing sunglasses will boost your image with your co-workers.

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