Why You Never Want To Be A Network Marketing Drone.



If you boil it down, what you are taught to do in classic network marketing and advertising is generally a method of taking you from an individual and turning you into a robot in the name of producing a duplicatable method.


The theory is if there are one hundred drones of you out there carrying out the precise identical issue then your personal power and effectiveness as a marketer is elevated by 100 times.


Is this correct?


Yeah in theory it is, but the actual truth behind it all is it is not feasible. You are you. I am me. I can not be you and you can’t be me. It is not some thing that can occur, so to teach and to mold people into models of you is fundamentally flawed.


Network advertising and marketing is primarily based on the concept of duplication and simply because of this the subsequent natural tendency is to think that to duplicate you or me you must be out there being a small mini me for it to work at it’s peak effectiveness.


In a nutshell that’s the theory and a seductive one at that. I fell for it and you may possibly be falling for it right now. What you come to comprehend over the course of time is it’s flawed in very essence.


Just simply because some thing often naturally seems appropriate does not mean that it is fundamentally sound.


Here’s why?


It takes you from being a worthwhile resource and turns you into a mundane commodity and hence the issue of duplication in networking and the question of “Properly, why need to I join you?”


Very first the definition of a commodity . . .


A largely homogenous product sold and traded soley on the basis of price tag.


In other words: You go the grocery store and you want milk, there are 18 distinct varieties of milk and since you know that all milk is essentially just milk you choose which a single you purchase essentially for price. You ask “I wonder which brand is on sale right now?” and that’s the one particular you acquire.


This is what constructing your company on the concept of producing one hundred yous creates. All those other yous are indistinguishable from every single other and your prospect essentially chooses on cost. You can read the second half of this teaching on my blog, listed below.

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